Restaurant Receipts

Kind words do not cost much, yet they accomplish much.

This collection of restaurant check receipts were collected by my co-workers and I, ranging from dissatisfied to satisfied guests who have dined mostly at Canopy Road Cafe, as I have included a receipt from another restaurant as well. Those who have not previously worked as waitress's or waiters wouldn't understand just how detremential these little annotations can be to a servers reputation and own personal self-confidence. However, the effectiveness of the notes can also heavily depend on the guest themself and the interactions that were held during their visit.  

Finding these types of notes are typical during shifts and provide us with personal feedback where we can learn where we can improve or where our areas of strength are. The categories that these notes can be put into are many, though I have limited it down to the top main ones: positive, negative, and flirtation. These tend to be the most reoccuring notation style that I have noitced over the years.

*keep in mind that these notes are from a variety of employee's in the restaurant