"thanks!!!"<br />
<br />

This note is one of the more typical notes that are found on receipts. The three exclamation points show extreme enthusiasm and excitment

"Thank you! <3 :)"<br />
<br />

Here, we can see another typical (literal) thank you note. The author of this artifact added a smile and a heart along to their note and allude to the idea that the author was probably a young female.

"awesome job!"<br />
<br />

Awesome is a great way to show appreciation to anyone and is a more colorful adjective than a simple 'good.'

"Thanks for always remembering"

This artifact is far more personable than most. Clearly the author was very pleased by the server remembering what they order which makes them feel more special and welcomed

"Thank you =)"

This note includes a smile face which shows that the guest left with a happy stomach and mood.


This is the most common annotation that are found, just a simple "thank you" gets the job done

"great service"<br />
<br />

This thank you annotation isn't a common note that are found on check receipts. It's a little comical in a positive manner to tell their server that they are a star. 

"Zach, thank you"

This thank you note is a very personale and thought out annotation from a very pleased guest. Clearly, Zach's high skill level impressed the guest and was so memoriable that he promised to ask for Zach upon his next visit to Ted's Montana Grill. The guest's hefty tip was equivalent to his kind words.

"Thank you, man"

This note can be assumed that it was written from a male to another male due to the "man" included at the end of the annotation.