"A SMILE"<br />
<br />

This note can be perceived in different ways since the tip that was left was higher than 20% of the check but comes off as a critique. The server on this table was a female who clearly didn't smile too much and it makes me wonder if it had been a male, would they have left this same note?

"Didnt seem to be happy"<br />
<br />

This note is extremely negative, the reasoning from the guest was that the service was slow and didn't like the servers attitude which reflected in zero dollars for the tip. A lot of people don't see what's going on in the restaurant other than the direct interactions between them and their server. Perhaps it was a very busy day and they were left short staffed which is why the server wasn't happy and couldn't keep up.

"awful service"

The note left here doesn't offer any explination as to why the service was "awful." The guests unpleasent experience was reflected not only in the annotation but the tip as well.