Welcome to the Museum of Everyday Writing! Often, writing that is studied and curated focuses on workplace and school writing or writing composed by a famous person. The Museum of Everyday Writing (MoEW), however, is dedicated to the writing that is typically unseen or unacknowledged. We believe these texts are worth attending to because they help form and sustain social relationships and organize our everyday lives. We hope this museum can be a resource for researchers, teachers, students, and others interested in everyday writing.

If you would like to see what the museum has to offer, begin by browsing our Artifacts or perusing our curated Exhibits. If you would like to know more about how we define everyday writing or about how we constructed the museum, check out the About page. If our museum has piqued your interest in everyday writing, we encourage you to connect to other related websites on our Links page or find new academic resources in our Bibliography. Like other archives, our collections are constantly growing; if you would like to become part of this project by submitting some of your own everyday writing for the museum, see our Submissions page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at everydaywritingmuseum@gmail.com.

Recently Added Items

U-loot I shoot


This artifact is a sign found at a rundown shop of Highway 231 in the outskirts of Panama City. The sign is a response to the influx of looters in…



This artifact is a piece of grafitti on an abandoned house outside of Panama City. The grafitti is a response to the influx of looters in Panama City…



This artifact is a sign found propped up on an abandoned building in Panama City. It advertises an offer to buy used cars and trucks with cash. The…