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Thank you for visiting the Museum of Everyday Writing (MoEW)! This museum and its creators operate within the following frameworks:

  • We define everyday writing as that which is composed by ordinary people in non-professional and non-academic contexts; everyday writing is often considered to be mundane, invisible, and ephemeral, though these texts are often valuable to their writers and readers. This definition shapes the artifacts we curate and the ways in which we categorize these artifacts. Though we ascribe to a particular definition of everyday writing, we encourage you to play with our definition, testing it against your own understanding of everyday writing and the artifacts in this museum. For a more nuanced explanation of our definition, please visit our blog.

  • Our work is motivated by interests in the everyday, archival work, multimodality, visual design, and materials used in/for composing. While this museum was initiated by and is cultivated through these interests, we hope that the museum will be useful to teachers and researchers with other interests.

  • Because we add new artifacts and exhibits frequently, the museum’s content is fluid. We encourage you to participate in the development of the MoEW by submitting your own artifacts. Also, if you would like to curate an exhibit or become more involved with the MoEW in other ways, please email us at everydaywritingmuseum@gmail.com.

  • The MoEW falls under “Fair Use” Copyright laws as 1) the MoEW is intended to be used for educational and research purposes; 2) neither the creators of the museum nor contributors profit financially from involvement in the museum; 3) the inclusion of an artifact in the museum does not negatively affect the sale or value of the original artifact; 4) all artifacts are voluntarily submitted by the composers or owners of the original texts; and 5) artifacts will be removed if composers or owners decide they no longer want their artifacts in the MoEW.