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Interested in joining our team?

Each Fall and Spring, the MoEW selects between two (2) to four (4) interns to participate in developing and maintaining our online Museum of Everyday Writing. Our internship is very structured, much like a class in the sense that all of the expectations, meeting dates, and due dates are available at the start of the semester.

Each intern is responsible for the same set of activities, which includes:

  • Learning about everyday writing and archives 2.0
  • Revising existing artifacts
  • Adding new artifacts to the Museum of Everyday Writing
  • Contributing to one of our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, or Blog)
  • Designing and implementing an individual project
  • Creating an exhibit
  • Writing a structured reflection on the internship

Within this structure, interns shape the internship according to their interests and professional goals. The two final projects (the individual project and exhibit), in particular, allow interns to customize their internship experience.

Interns select the focus of the individual project, which enhances the MoEW. For example, before the MoEW had developed a social media presence, interns selected and created social media accounts in order to promote the MoEW.

Interns also design an exhibit showcasing and explaining an everyday writing genre they select. To complete this, interns collect artifacts representing the genre and construct an exhibit to showcase it.

Interns develop the following skills as they complete the internship:

  • Learning about public relations
  • Managing projects
  • Managing time
  • Writing for the public
  • Developing a more sophisticated awareness of rhetorical situations
  • Managing attention to detail
  • Managing social media

If you’re a student at FSU and interested in participating, please contact Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey (kyancey@fsu.edu) for more information.