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G Berkey Letter.PDF
This artifact is a personal letter written by Glenda Berkey. In the letter, Glenda discusses feeling difference and struggling to fit in at home and in school. The letter ends with a poem about the loss of someone important to her. The letter was…

This artifact is a restaurant check receipt where the creator left a phone number and wink face for the server

PF-0028-030316 (Cecil).JPG
This artifact is graffiti painted on the FSU campus in order to advertise the Advance Party, a student organization. The phrase '#Advance FSU' is painted in red on a light blue background. To the right is an “A” in a circle with stylized feathers at…

This artifact is Ellen Cecil-Lemkin's Instagram post of a puppy is sleeping in a mountain of animal toys.
The submitter provided the following information about the artifacts history: To give back to the Tallahassee community, I like to foster…

PF-0046-033016 (Cecil).JPG
The graffiti was created by The Advance Party at Florida State in order to bolster support during student government elections. The background is painted in light blue. “#NewWayFoward” is written in red paint. On the right side is a stylized “A”…

This artifact is Ellen Cecil-Lemkin's Instagram post of her succulent garden.
The submitter provided the following about the artifacts history: Recently, I've been working on my gardening skills. So far, one of the few variety of plants that I can…

L-0025-091816 (Ortiz).jpg
This artifact is a handwritten To-Do list detailing the submitter's daily schedule. The submitter provided the following regarding the artifact: "The artifact is a short To-Do list I had for one day. The list is just mundane tasks that I would go…

This artifact is a picture of a note left on a bulletin board in Dirac Library. This individual suggested (perhaps sarcastically) keeping Dirac open for 23 hours a day.

Lisa wrote a note to Jeff that listed what she included in his lunch for the day.

This artifact is graffiti located in one of the men's bathroom stalls of Strozier Library.

The submitter provided the following about the artifact’s history:
It attempts to satirize the chemical structure of 3,3-diethylpentane, a branched alkane…
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