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This artifact is a screenshot from a camp website with the words "OUR BUNK!" written across the top. The photograph depicts campers and counselors playing a game and bonding in their cabin and "Our bunk!" was written on it because it was featured on…

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This artifact is a camper's drawing of a flag for a made up country with the name and date written on the back from Erika Sorensen. Campers were asked to make up a country and perform a skit depicting its laws, ways of life, traditions, and way of…

This is one of Erika Sorensen's artifacts that was drawn by a camper. As a counselor, campers created a wide variety of artwork that included many types of everyday writing. In this artifact a camper depicts a dog with a thought bubble about his/her…

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This artifact is Erika Sorensen's from her time working as a camp counselor in 2017. The sign says "Mermicorns" which was the nickname for the campers living in bunk 14A for the summer. The group of 13 girls were 10 years old and "Mermicorns" refers…

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This artifact is from Erika Sorensen and it's a handwritten wedding invitation. The wedding described is a pretend wedding between two campers after the first twenty minutes of rest hour. It's dated July 19, 2017 and required a verbal RSVP.

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This artifact is Erika Sorensen's airline ticket from 2017. The ticket shows a trip from Orlando to Newark to be a camp counselor. It includes stamps and marginalia from TSA check points and flight check-in.

This artifact is Erika Sorensen's flight schedule to get to summer camp and back home in 2011. It includes the various stops at different airports, times, dates, and seat assignments for an unaccompanied minor.

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This is Erika Sorensen's counterfeit passport from summer camp. The passport served as a ticket in to and out of camp, as well as recorded all the places visited on site and bank deposits and withdrawals. The use of a pasaporte in this camp was to…

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This artifact is Zach's Facebook post announcing the start of his new job.

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This artifact is Nate's Facebook post informing friends and followers that he will be staying at the DLI (Defense Language Institute) before going to live in Japan.
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