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Facebook: A Place for the Social

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Facebook is currently undergoing an interesting transition. It is transitioning demographically from young to middle-aged users in part because the users who initially joined Facebook in their teens are aging and in part because of the expansion of Facebook beyond the university population. With this shifting demographic, Facebook's purpose is similarly in motion evolving from the casual social media site which hosts conversations between college students towards an easy to use communication platform utilized for a variety of purposes. While many users have personal opinions as to what is appropriate to post on Facebook, besides the monitoring of explicit content, the site is a merger of many kinds of statuses and posts. This exhibit is intended to feature the different kinds of everyday writing that appear on the social media site, Facebook.

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Social Media & Celebratory News : Announcing Personal Victories to the World

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This exhibit analyzes celebratory news posted on various social media platforms and attempts to understand why we share this information. These particular posts and their connection to the ephemerality of everyday writing is also discussed. 

Even though everyday writing is dubbed mundane in nature, it has the potential to make transient moments more concrete. Its presence in the form of social media posts captures those important yet fleeting moments - like the excitement one feels after getting a promotion/new job or even being accepted into their dream school - and memorializes them for both the person experiencing it and for others in their social sphere.

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