Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering submitting to the Museum of Everyday Writing (MoEW). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting.


The artifact may only be submitted to the Museum of Everyday Writing under full disclosure of the owner. All legal ownership rights remain with the owner of the artifact, and the artifact will be used only for educational and archival purposes. I understand that my artifact may be removed at any time if I (or the original creator of the artifact) no longer wish to have it in the MoEW.


I acknowledge that by submitting this artifact I am allowing the Museum of Everyday Writing to publish my artifact online. I understand that my name may be published online as a reference to the source of the artifact, as well as any artifact description given by me. I give permission to the Museum of Everyday Writing to contact me via my listed email if there are any problems with my artifact. I understand that my personal contact information will not be disclosed on the site, but will be collected indefinitely for archival purposes. I also understand that the Museum of Everyday Writing is not obligated to publish my submission and may take down an artifact if it does not fall within the definition of everyday writing. 


The Museum of Everyday Writing will not digitally alter or edit submissions in any way. All artifacts will be published as submitted and any personal information remaining on the artifact will be disclosed unless obscured by the owner.

The Museum of Everyday Writing has the right to categorize submissions and add information to artifact descriptions. Artifacts may also be republished in blog posts and exhibit pages within the MoEW website.

I understand that the Museum of Everyday Writing falls under “Fair Use” Copyright laws and no submissions will be used for financial profit. By submitting to the MoEW you agree to be bound by these Terms.


These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time without prior notification.

Last Updated: 11/16/2016