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This artifact is Instagram account arbol_the_geck's post showing the loss of the gecko’s tail. The owner is clearly upset, and that emotion might be why the post is more from their perspective instead of pretending to be the gecko. The owner is…

Ah, cats. Cats have made their mark on the Internet with viral videos of them doing just about anything. It’s only natural that they make their way into the meme-sphere. The point of relation with this meme is that it is targeting anyone who has…

More often than not, memes reference pop culture. Throwback pop culture is especially relatable (think, “only 90s kids will understand”). In this meme, life lessons are pointed out from a children’s movie, and as the caption points out, it is…

NBZ-0002-050416 (Keaton).pdf
This travel magazine, created by Megan Keaton, describes three activities she had planned and different activities and restaurants in Atlanta and Decatur.

The submitter provided the following about the artifact’s history: For his 30th birthday,…

SMPM-0010-030216 (Keaton).gif
This animation, created by Megan Keaton, shows a cartoon panda waving and then wishing the viewer happy birthday and asking for the viewer to come feed it.

The submitter provided the following about the artifact’s history: I created this as a…

SPA-0004-033016 (Keaton).pdf
These four scrapbook pages, created by Megan Keaton, depict the first few days of Charlie (a kitten) in her home. The pages show Megan, her husband (Madison) and their older cat (Elli) getting to know the new kitten.

SPA-0003-033016 (Keaton).pdf
This scrapbook, created by Megan Keaton, depicts Megan and her husband, Madison, in 2013. The scrapbook shows the couple spending time with their families, traveling and negotiating their first year living in Tallahassee, Florida.

SPA-0002-033016 (Keaton).pdf
This scrapbook, created by Megan Keaton, represents the first year of her relationship with her now-husband, Madison. It details their activities and chronicles the events of the end of 2008, all of 2009, and the beginning of 2010.

S-0003-021016 (Enoch).jpg
This artifact is a decorative sign made by Cat Bellew. The distressed cream-colored sign reads "An Old Bear Lives Here With His Honey" and has an illustration of a teddy bear in a blue hat sitting next to a bee hive.

The submitter offered the…

Becomes Derp.pdf
This meme, created by Madison Keaton, shows a picture of a cat and reads, "RUNS INTO WINDOW AS KITTEN BECOMES DERP"

The submitter gave the following about the artifact's history: Charlie, the cat in the picture, was found by his now owners outside…

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