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Two to do lists written in pencil on lined paper

This artifact is of a sketch drawn by Ms. Olive K. Foley. The sketch was found in a book now owned by her granddaughter, Judith Davidson. The sketch is of a floral arrangement and has a written description next to it.

The submitter provided the…

Photo Nov 16, 1 33 51 PM.jpg
This artifact is located in the men's bathroom stall on the first floor of the Carother's building at FSU. It is written in between the tile walls on the far side of the room. This is free hand art calls attention to the gay community, who have been…

Photo Sep 26, 10 12 33 AM.jpg
This artifact is located in the men's bathroom of Sweet Shop, a small cafe on Jefferson Street in Tallahassee, FL. It is written in the only stall in the room with pencil. However this 'prayer' is rather raunchy, it is relatable to everyone and for…

This artifact is graffiti located in one of the men's bathroom stalls in Strozier.

The submitter provided the following about the artifact’s history:
This text is etched on the plastic material, unlike other texts which are usually written with…

Photo Sep 26, 9 42 53 AM.jpg
This graffiti is located in one of the stalls in the men's bathroom of the Strozier Library basement at Florida State University. It most likely has many authors. The authors write about a variety of subjects including Led Zeppelin,Trump, and death,…

L-0020-072716 (Rueda).JPG
This artifact is a page of Monica Rueda's 2015-2016 planner, where she lists her homework and things to do for the latter days of July 2016. Some of the tasks are starred or crossed out, indicating importance or completion.

The submitter provided…

This artifact is Kailey Carter's test review for a science class. She used pen and pencil to copy important information on lined paper.

The submitter provided the following information about the artifact's history:
This article appears to be…

NMA-0007-072716 (Boldin).jpg
This artifact is Alysia Boldin's notebook paper with a doodle on it.

The submitter provided the following about the artifact's origin: "I created this artifact while sitting in a study room where I was doing homework and studying. It felt as…

How'd It Go with Gatsby.pdf
This zine, created by Michael James Ash, describes the caretaker's experiences in dog sitting.

The submitters provided the following about the artifact's history: The zine was left on the table in my house when I returned home from the trip. While…
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