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G Berkey Letter.PDF
This artifact is a personal letter written by Glenda Berkey. In the letter, Glenda discusses feeling difference and struggling to fit in at home and in school. The letter ends with a poem about the loss of someone important to her. The letter was…

This artifact is a restaurant check receipt where the creator left a phone number and wink face for the server

PF-0028-030316 (Cecil).JPG
This artifact is graffiti painted on the FSU campus in order to advertise the Advance Party, a student organization. The phrase '#Advance FSU' is painted in red on a light blue background. To the right is an “A” in a circle with stylized feathers at…

This artifact is Ellen Cecil-Lemkin's Instagram post of a puppy is sleeping in a mountain of animal toys.
The submitter provided the following information about the artifacts history: To give back to the Tallahassee community, I like to foster…

PF-0046-033016 (Cecil).JPG
The graffiti was created by The Advance Party at Florida State in order to bolster support during student government elections. The background is painted in light blue. “#NewWayFoward” is written in red paint. On the right side is a stylized “A”…

This artifact is Ellen Cecil-Lemkin's Instagram post of her succulent garden.
The submitter provided the following about the artifacts history: Recently, I've been working on my gardening skills. So far, one of the few variety of plants that I can…

L-0025-091816 (Ortiz).jpg
This artifact is a handwritten To-Do list detailing the submitter's daily schedule. The submitter provided the following regarding the artifact: "The artifact is a short To-Do list I had for one day. The list is just mundane tasks that I would go…

This artifact is a picture of a note left on a bulletin board in Dirac Library. This individual suggested (perhaps sarcastically) keeping Dirac open for 23 hours a day.

This artifact is graffiti located in one of the men's bathroom stalls of Strozier Library.

The submitter provided the following about the artifact’s history:
It attempts to satirize the chemical structure of 3,3-diethylpentane, a branched alkane…

Five Years Ago.jpg
This is a post made by Vincent Cicchino shared on Amy Cicchino’s wall to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.
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