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This artifact is John Hostage's "laptop," or portable writing station, containing photos, letters, postcards, a journal documenting financial transactions, , writing materials, a diary/daily log for the year of 1902, and what appears to be three…

PF-0019-030316 (Cecil).jpg
This graffiti, created by ∆T∆ and A∆π, has a background painted in bright blue with the text “Team Hunter A∆π & ∆T∆ Dance Marathon 2016” painted in red and white. There are stylized hot air balloons to either side of A∆π &…

Humorous 1.jpeg
Posted outside of Gordo's restaurant

Inspirational 1.png
Posted outside of a Mexican restaurant

Inspirational 2.jpeg
Sign posted on another sign on a fence

Inspirational 3.png
Posted outside of a church

Inspirational 4.jpeg
Posted outside of a church

Questionable 1.jpeg
Posted outside of an out of business restaurant

Questionable 2.png
Posted outside of a pub

Questionable 3.jpeg
Posted outside of a mini mart
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