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PF-0019-030316 (Cecil).jpg
This graffiti, created by ∆T∆ and A∆π, has a background painted in bright blue with the text “Team Hunter A∆π & ∆T∆ Dance Marathon 2016” painted in red and white. There are stylized hot air balloons to either side of A∆π &…

This artifact is a protest sign that Alicia Armstrong created for the Women's Rights March

This status was posted by Allan Shapiro in response to the US's decision to only take in a small number of Syrian refugees by paralleling this instance to the post-WWII influx of Jewish refugees.

This artifact is a banner that is displayed outside of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority house, representing their support in Order of Omega’s Greek Week. It displays the theme of the week which is “Raised by the 90’s” and has their partners’…

This artifact is a banner that is displayed outside of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority house and it represents their support in Relay for Life. It displays the theme of American colors. There is a cute banner across it displaying the other Greek…

L-0025-091816 (Ortiz).jpg
This artifact is a handwritten To-Do list detailing the submitter's daily schedule. The submitter provided the following regarding the artifact: "The artifact is a short To-Do list I had for one day. The list is just mundane tasks that I would go…

PF-0048-033016 (Cecil).JPG
This graffiti was created by the Alpha Chi sorority at Florida State. The background is painted in white with the text “Pizza Pie” stylized to look like pizza. The text “with alpha chi” is painted in black, cursive below the pizza text.

This graffiti, painted by Alpha Delta Pi, has background painted in white with the text “Alpha Delta Pi” painted in multiple colors. The words sit on an arrow with feathers and strings of beads hanging down from it.

This artifact is Alpha Delta Pi's wall painting which advertises their Dad's weekend event.

This graffiti, composed by Alpha Delta Pi - Florida State University Chapter, has a dark blue background decorated with colorful flowers, text, and a sugar skull. The text reads “Alpha Delta Pi Presents ADPIATHLON Sunday March 20th, 2016.”
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